UK university that accept HND for Masters

Latest UK Universities That Accepts HND For Masters 2023

You will learn about the most recent UK Universities that accepts HND for masters degrees.

International students who hold a Higher National Diploma or a pass degree and seek to pursue a master’s degree in Europe can apply and view the most recent UK universities that accept HND and pass for master’s studies.
Before we begin listing the institutions that accept HND for master’s degrees, let’s define HND

What Is HND

Higher national diplomas, or HNDs, are equal to degree certificates and are studied in polytechnics. Because they were intended to be a tool for industrialization and development, HNDs are primarily focused on practical or vocational education.
Higher national diploma courses last for two years, but in order to be admitted to or accepted to continue your studies for higher national diploma (HND) in a related field of study, you must first complete a two-year national diploma course, four months of student industrial work experience, one year of required industrial training, and other rigorous related training.

Countries that Still to study HND

The British government created the Higher National Diploma (HND) educational system many years ago to encourage industrializations, however it is no longer used in British educational institutions.

However, the list of nations that continue to use the HND is below.

Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Ghana, India, Finland, Malta

Can I Convert my HND certificate to Degree?

Many people who have higher national diplomas (HNDs) have turned to finding ways to convert their HND certificates into degree certificates in countries like Nigeria where there is significant discrimination between degree holders and HND holders. Here’s how it functions.

Many institutions in the UK grant masters admission with the same HND result, which is discriminatory in many countries. Most universities established and open admission for HND holders to apply for an automatic admission into two (3) three hundred level.
For a list of UK universities that accept HND results for masters entrance, continue reading.

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Yes, those with an HND degree and those who have completed their third class toward a bachelor’s degree are eligible to enroll in master’s programs in the UK. For kids who fit into this category, there are lots of opportunities, but there are also certain restrictions.

At Coventry University in the UK, a student with a third-class degree can enroll directly in a one-year master’s program. They must, however, demonstrate up to five years of professional experience and a CGPA of 2.0 or higher.

With this chance, a student can pursue whatever course they want that is relevant to their educational background and professional experience.

In the UK, institutions including Birmingham City University (BCU), the University of Sunderland, and Sheffield Hallam University offer 15-month or 2-year accelerated Master’s degree programs for students with a Higher National Diploma (HND) and a Bachelor’s degree with a third-class CGPA.

It is crucial to be aware that there are requirements that must be satisfied before a student gets admitted to these schools. Here are those circumstances:

A level test in English is required of the student.
Only business-related courses, such as marketing, human resources, and international business management, are available to the students.

lists of universities in Uk that Accepts HND for master

Lists of UK Universities that Accepts HND for Masters Degree

London Metropolitan University
British South Bank University

University of Lincoln
The Sunderland University
University of Northampton
University of Birmingham
University of Coventry
University of Bournemouth London South bank University\sSheffield Hallam College

London Metropolitan University:

London Metropolitan University allows overseas students with HNDs and third-class degrees who want to pursue master’s degrees there. To learn more about HND holders’ master’s admission at London Metropolitan University, click here.

London South Bank University:

Because of origins, London South Bank University offers master’s degrees for HNDs. When Borough Polytechnic Institute was established in 1892, it was known as London South Bank University. In the intervening years, it has experienced a number of name changes, changing from the Polytechnic of the South Bank in 1970 to South Bank Polytechnic in 1987 to South Bank University in 1992 to London South Bank University in 2003.

University of Lincoln

In 1991, The University of Lincoln, which was founded in 1861, was named one of the top universities.

The University of Lincoln accepts HNDs for several specified master’s programs.

To learn more, visit their website at

The Sunderland University

Before it was granted university status in 1992, the University of Sunderland was officially known as a college of education.

Courses in technical and scientific fields are well renowned at the University of Sunderland.

University of Northampton

In Northampton, Northamptonshire, England, there is a public institution called the University of Northampton.

The University of Northampton was established in 1999 through the merger of various vocational institutions, and it attained full university status in 2005.

For master’s degree programs, the University of Northampton also recognizes HND results. To learn more,

University of Birmingham

In Birmingham, England, there is a university called Birmingham City University. It was founded in 1843 as the Birmingham College of Art, and after being recognized as a polytechnic in 1971, it was granted university status in 1992.

HND scores are accepted by Birmingham City University for master’s studies. To learn more, click here.

University of Coventry

A research university called Coventry University is situated in Coventry, England. One of the oldest universities in the UK, Coventry University has an excellent reputation.

International students are eligible to apply for the HND program at Coventry University. For more information, see their website. Click this

University of Bournemouth

One of the few universities, Bournemouth University accepts HNDs or any degree that is equivalent without placing restrictions like other institutions. One of the nice sites is where Bournemouth University is located. There have been many positive references from former applicants who were accepted. For additional information on how to apply, click here

South Bank University in London

A top-notch university in the UK that provides both craft and science is London South Bank University. The best part of all is that London South Bank University is okay with allowing HND students to study their master’s alongside HND. They welcome students from all over the world to come and study in their institutions.

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University of Sheffield Hallam

A sizable institution with two campuses, Sheffield Hallam University is located in the UK. Sheffield Hallam University is quite fascinating, particularly with the promotion of various international cultures.

If a student holds an HND and wishes to enroll in the master’s program there, Sheffield Hallam University will accept them.


The finest course of study for industrialisation and the advancement of technology is an HND. Having a degree from a university is excellent, and earning an HND is highly beneficial in life.

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