Best medical university in Cyprus

Best Medical Universities In Cyprus 2023 (Updated)

Third-most populous island in the Mediterranean, Cyprus is popular as a tourist destination, a vibrant economic center, and a center for higher learning. Cyprus is considered to be in Europe historically and culturally, despite its geographic membership in Asia. Cyprus today has three public institutions, two private colleges, and four private universities. However, if you are looking for the best medical universities in Cyprus, then you are at the right place, I advise you keep reading so as to receive enough information you may need.

medical universities in Cyprus

Why Would You Study Medicine In Cyprus?

Why enroll in a medical program at a university in Cyprus can be a question for you. The reasons why this is one of your best options are outlined in the list below.

  • Cyprus is a fantastic opportunity to study and live in a developed country that is also a member of the EU.
  • The island ranks number 31 among those with the most developed economies in the world, where education involves more than merely earning a diploma.
  • A straightforward transfer will be possible thanks to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), which is adopted by all higher education institutions in Cyprus.
  • You will receive a diploma that allows you to practice medicine in the country of your choice.
  • To deliver the greatest education possible, Cyprus’ higher education system is always developing.
  • The majority of its universities, especially those in Nicosia, the capital of the country, offer medical programs in English.
  • The best doctors will be happy to share their knowledge with you in the finest clinics, hospitals, research institutes, and libraries that are available.
  • The cost of living is cheaper than in the majority of European countries.
  • In Cyprus, you can study medicine and learn how it was done in the past.
  • University dorms resemble opulent resorts.

Admission requirements for foreign students to study medicine in Cyprus

All students must meet a few prerequisites, although local universities set the entrance requirements. One of them is a secondary school diploma. Grades in math, physics, chemistry, and biology are more important for admission than other subjects. The second requirement is a proof of English proficiency certificate.

In reality, the Near East University in Nicosia makes no such demands. Students may even take the English proficiency test on campus if they so wish.

Costs of Living and Tuition For Medical School in Cyprus

Cyprus’s education fees cover the full spectrum of prices found in Europe, from affordable to expensive. Attendance fees range from €12600 to €18000. The cost of living in Cyprus is typical for all of Europe. But living on a Mediterranean island is worthwhile.

Cyprus’s Medical Schools’ Tuition Charges

Depending on the university you apply to, the tuition for Cyprus’s many medical schools can range from €12600 to €18000. The availability of financial aid and fee waivers is dependent on family income.

Cost of Living in Nicosia

Without rent, a month in Nicosia costs about €750 in living expenditures. Depending on the location’s distance from the city center, a 1-bedroom apartment’s monthly rent ranges from €450 to €540. It can further reduce students’ costs by living in dorms.

Medical School in Cyprus

If you’re thinking about enrolling in one of Cyprus’ medical programs, you can rest easy knowing that its medical schools have a superb reputation and are growing in popularity. To acquire the knowledge and skills required to become successful future doctors, medical students will take part in rotations at its healthcare facilities.

Cyprus’s healthcare system is comparable to that of developed countries. Because they are completely furnished with healthcare facilities and medical professionals, medical students will use these facilities to enhance their careers as doctors.

Receiving a medical education in Cyprus is more appealing due to the availability of English-language programs and the affordable tuition costs.

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Best Medical Universities In Cyprus

Let’s look at some of the best medical universities in Cyprus.

National Ranking 2021UniversityMedicine and Related Programs Offered
1University of CyprusPrecision Medicine in Clinical Practice (MSc)
2Eastern Mediterranean UniversityDentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Health Sciences
3Cyprus International UniversityDentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Health Sciences
4University of NicosiaMedicine
5Near East UniversityMedicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Health Sciences, Veterinary Medicine
8European University CyprusDentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Health Sciences
9European University of LefkePharmacy, Dentistry, Health Sciences
11Girne American UniversityMedicine, Pharmacy, Health Sciences
13Frederick UniversityPharmacy, Nursing
19Final International UniversityDentistry, Pharmacy, Health Sciences
22Cyprus Science UniversityNursing

How to Enroll in Cyprus Medical Schools

Cyprus is not an exception when it comes to how difficult it is to get into medical school, but if you follow the advice I previously gave and employ the appropriate strategies, it should be simple for you. Only the top candidates are chosen since medical school admissions are so tough and the field is so demanding.

To be considered for admission to Cyprus’s medical schools, you must meet certain requirements, including academic standards. Let’s examine them:

Higher education diploma: You must have successfully completed high school and received your high school leaving certificate with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 90%, GCE A-levels with grades ABB, or IB with 32 overall and a combined score of 16 at Higher Level, or its equivalent, to include Biology in addition to chemistry, physics, or math, or its equivalent. Transcripts from your high school are also required.

English language proficiency: IELTS and TOEFL computer-based versions call for scores of 6.5 and 213, respectively. A grade of 5 in English at GCSE, a score of 5 on the English section of the IB Standard Level (S.L. ), or a score of 70% on the English section of the SAT are additionally requirements for candidates.
Having a bachelor’s degree in the sciences or a related field to medicine, or a higher degree such an MSc, MPhil, or PhD in any discipline, with at least a second-class honours or its equivalent, will boost your chances.

The influence of experience: To increase your prospects of employment in the healthcare sector, you must have professional experience. You might have participated in a volunteer organization or worked in a hospital.

attestation letters: Learn about your scientific professors so you can request stellar recommendations from them when you apply to Cyprus’s medical schools. Additionally, you can request letters of recommendation from your previous employers, especially if you worked in a hospital or did volunteer work.

Statement of Purpose: Among other things, you must submit a personal statement while applying to the medical schools in Cyprus. Along with any relevant professional experience, the motivation for the applicant’s desire to become a doctor should be highlighted in the statement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of medical school in Cyprus?

Medical school can still be quite expensive, even if it is less expensive in Cyprus than in many other English-speaking countries. For instance, the University of Nicosia costs €18,000 for the first three years and €22,000 for the following three, plus €6,000 more each year for the last two years if clinical training is conducted in the United Kingdom.

It would be beneficial if you were ready to budget roughly €10,000 per year for living costs.

How many medical schools are there overall in Cyprus?

There are 11 medical universities in Cyprus. These universities provide numerous medical programs in English. Students from other countries can also pursue careers in significant medical professions like general medicine, dentistry, nursing, and pharmacy.

What level of medical care can one expect in Cyprus?

There are both public and private hospitals in each major city in Cyprus. Cyprus’s public healthcare system is governed and supported by the Ministry of Health. Public healthcare is available to EU citizens for nothing or at a low cost. The majority of people can pay for private healthcare.


Cyprus’ top-notch healthcare system satisfies the standards of many developed countries. The appeal of medical school in Cyprus is increased by the availability of English-language courses and the affordable tuition.

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